Our staff

SLK staff are committed to making your investment in your skin enjoyable, and a part of your overall well-being. Each member of our team understands that every patient is an individual who requires a personalized treatment plan. SLK is dedicated to ensuring each patient is equipped with the information and guidance he or she needs to have long-term skin success at every visit.



SLK offers our patients complete confidentiality in a judgement-free zone with our team of expertly-trained nurses. Because nurses repeatedly top the list of America's most trusted professions, our patients can be confident that they are receiving only the highest level of ethical and honest care.

The attention to detail registered nurses (RNs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) provide is unmatched in the healthcare world. All of our RNs and NPs are accomplished healthcare professionals, plus they have a gifted eye for art, design, and beauty.


Our founder


Jennifer Stieber

Jennifer Stieber began her career in New York City as a research biochemist doing vaccine and cancer drug research. But her passion for helping others eventually led her out of the laboratory to become a nurse practitioner. While living in NYC, the fashion and beauty capital of the world, Jennifer’s career in science and nursing found a natural transition into the world of aesthetic dermatology.

In her career, Jennifer has worked with and treated people of all backgrounds and skin types, including many of the most well-known celebrities. After getting to know all types of clients, she encountered a common theme that each patient desires: to have the peace of mind that each procedure has a foundation in science, that it will be more effective than other options, and that it will be safe for his/her unique biology. Empowering patients to become experts in caring for their individual skin type is Jennifer’s mission.

Born a dual citizen of the Philippines and USA, Jennifer’s hope is that her international influences will help SLK deliver the best methods and technology from all corners of the world.

Jennifer was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and lives in Nashville with her husband, Stephen.