May 3, 2019
Molly Muecke, NP

Trusculpt iD: The Solution For Stubborn Fat

What causes stubborn pockets of fat?

There seems to be a common theme when it comes to weight loss and that is the dreaded trouble spots that always come back, no matter how much your exercise, or how long you diet. As metabolism slows down with age, certain pockets of fat become even more resistant. Everyone has an individual way that they put on weight. This is largely pre-determined by one’s genetics. Some people struggle with abdominal fat whereas others tend to gain weight around their hips and thighs. Sometimes a combination of hormones and genetics makes it very difficult to lose weight in certain areas. Common trouble spots include under the chin, lower abdominal, flanks (love handles), and inner thighs. Unfortunately, there is no way to reduce these fat pockets for good, unless the fat cells are permanently destroyed so that they can no longer try to store energy in the form of fat.

fat distrubution illustration

What is Trusculpt ID?

truSculpt iD is the most effective non-invasive fat burning device on the market. It was approved by the FDA in 2018 for its ability to induce lipolysis (kill fat cells). Trusculpt ID utilizes radiofrequency waves to penetrate thick sections of fat and heat them to a specific target temperature. The fat cells must stay at this target temperature for at least 10 minutes to achieve permanent cell death. The body then metabolizes and removes the dead fat cells over a period of 12 weeks. A patient can expect to see 24-29% of fat removed in a treated area per treatment. The radiofrequency heat also has the effect of collagen remodeling and skin tightening. The skin tightening effect can be very beneficial in areas such as under the chin, back of the arms and abdomen.

How Many Treatments of truSculpt iD Are Required?

The average treated area will require three treatments for best results. However, required treatments will vary based on the size of the patient and the area treated. For example, the abdomen or inner thighs may require more treatments than beneath the chin. A larger area of fat typically requires more than three treatments.

trusculpt abdomen before and after

Is Trusculpt ID Painful?

truSculpt iD kills the targeted fat pocket by gradually heating the area until a specific temperature is achieved. Once the temperature is achieved, it is maintained for ten minutes. The gradual heating process can feel like a hot stone massage but is not painful. A patient can expect some mild redness, tenderness, and swelling after the procedure. These results are completely normal and are to be expected. Any redness typically resolves within one day. Tenderness and swelling are normal for a few days after the procedure and will resolve within a week.

Am I A Good Candidate for Trusculpt ID?

Anyone that is living a healthy lifestyle and exercises regularly is a good candidate for truSculpt iD. The only patient contraindications for treatment are pregnancy, significant metal implants in the treatment area, and implanted electrical devices such as an insulin pump or a cardiac pacemaker.


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