SLK, (pronounced ‘silk’) was born of the belief that aesthetic dermatology should compliment nature. Our service and product offerings are rooted in the following principles: the pursuit of wellness, a positive body image, facial harmony, and graceful aging. Similar to silk which is a strong, smooth, luminous material found in nature, we believe enhanced skin should reflect our natural gifts. We apply this principle not only to the results we ultimately seek to achieve, but also to each step of the process. From our exclusive bruise and swelling prevention techniques, to the methods we use to eliminate pain, our treatments are designed to integrate as seamlessly as possible into the natural course of our patients’ daily life.

How we curate

1. Science

We are extremely selective about which services, lasers, and devices we choose to offer. There are hundreds of procedures and devices available on the market. But all are not created equal. Skincare should be grounded in science, and we use a rigorous, systematic selection process to vet each service before we offer it to our patients.


2. Question Everything

We scrutinize each device, laser, and pharmaceutical company to make sure they are committed to quality and safety. For each procedure, we analyze clinical studies to ensure scientists have found valid data demonstrating its effectiveness. If the clinical data shows risk of significant side effects, we do not offer it. When it comes to topical products, we examine each ingredient list for quality, with a focus on gentle, natural ingredients.


3. The Cutting Edge

Because aesthetic medicine is a rapidly-changing field,  we promise to continually re-examine our curated services. If we find something more effective, we won't hesitate to make a change in our practice. The goal of SLK is to simplify the journey to healthy skin. We do all of the research, so our patients don't have to.


4. Safety and Inclusivity

We pledge to keep all skin types safe and to ensure our treatments are suitable for everyone. We will never turn someone away because of the genetic makeup of their skin. This means no:



Photo facials

Deep-depth peels

Plasma tightening


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